Meet a GM: Berserker Mike

  • The Breakaway Office League kicks off this week with our first-ever studio draft. Before we broadcast the draft on Thursday, let’s get to know the general managers that will be drafting their teams. Today, we learn more about Berserker Mike and The Berserkers. Let us know your thoughts right here in the forums!

    From Berserker Mike:
    I play often with the design teams in the afternoon play tests. I can be heard yelling… often! My draft strategy was looking for players that were very solid in a role. I’m looking for skill at the position, whether it’s being a great damage dealer, a runner, or a healer.

    I think guys like Nocnoz and Orgoth are sleepers. Not a lot of exposure on Throwdown Thursdays, but put in a ton of practice.

    I want to put on a good show while we can. The community is going to outpace us extremely fast :)

  • Can't wait to see your picks Mike. Best of luck!

    PS: If something isn't working out just yell more often!

  • @Berserker_mike also enjoys taking long walks by the waterfalls of El Dorado... right off the edge of the map :smiley:

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