Meet a GM: Zin Ramu

  • The Breakaway Office League kicks off this week with our first studio draft. Before we broadcast the draft on Thursday (on Twitch at 4:30pm PT!), let’s get to know the general managers that will be drafting their teams. Today, we learn more about Creative Director Zin Ramu and Team Feed Me. Let us know if you think they have what it takes to win right here in the forums!

    From Zin Ramu:
    Hey, everyone! I’m Zin Ramu and I’m from St. Louis, MO (home of the Gateway Arch!). I was born in Belgium and love Belgium bear. My favorite beer is “Westvleteren 12” and I’ve been to the monastery where they brew it.

    I established and ran Season 1 of the Breakaway Office League. I just missed the playoffs, but had a blast teaching four new players how to play Breakaway.

    For draft day, I’m looking for players that play strong roles, especially ones that I don't excel at. I’d say ranged characters are my weakness, so I’m looking for strong Rawlins and Anne Bonny players. I think our very own Executive Producer mpriest is a bit of sleeper. He’s always busy so people don’t see him play too much, but he comes from Halo/Destiny so he’s got strong shooting skills.

    What am I looking forward to the most this season? Beating Otterhed! Hah, but seriously I can’t let him win twice in row, I’d never hear the end of it. Other than that, I love seeing a team come together. It takes a while to find a team comp and strategies that works when you bring a new group of players together. But there’s always that great moment when the team starts to come together. I’m looking forward to that moment with Team Feed Me.

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