Meet a GM: JustCallMeBau

  • The Breakaway Office League kicks off this week with our first studio draft. Before we broadcast the draft on Thursday (on Twitch at 4:30pm PT!), let’s get to know the general managers that will be drafting their teams. Today, we learn more about Designer JustCallMeBau and his team, FeelsBauMan. Let us know if you think they have what it takes to win right here in the forums!

    From JustCallMeBau:
    I’ve been playing in our internal leagues since forever. You should ask DaBillz or Zin Ramu about the "best season ever" :D

    I’m starting with a lower points pool than some of the other GM’s, so I’m going to look for players that embody consistent play, good teamwork, fill specific roles to round out a solid team comp, and represent good value. So you know… no pressure ;)

    We have several players that are a bit undervalued that I’m looking at. There are some very definite sleepers.

    I have been known to get so salty during some of our matches, so gltovar made me the salt award. It now gets passed around to the saltiest player.

    I’m very much looking forward to seeing new faces in the League, and what they bring to the ever-evolving meta of the game.

    The Salt Award:
    alt text

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