Meet a GM: Otterhed

  • The Breakaway Office League kicks off this week with our first studio draft. Before we broadcast the draft TONIGHT (on Twitch at 4:30pm PT!), let’s get to know the general managers that will be drafting their teams. Today, we learn more about Designer Otterhed and his team, Squirrel Possse. Let us know if you think they have what it takes to win right here in the forums!

    From Otterhed:
    Hey, everyone! I’m Otterhed and I’m from Oakland, CA. I’m a big pixel art fan and a surfer.

    I coached my team to victory in the previous season our the Breakaway Office League. When it comes to the draft today, I’d like to get a couple of runners and a DPS, I can tank and disrupt. (It’s kinda my thing.)

    I have my eyes on a couple of players. There are a few that haven’t gotten a ton of exposure that I would like to grab. I’m looking to grab glTovar if I can, he’s a great runner.

    What am I looking forward to the most? Getting to play! I get to play in nightly tests, but there’s nothing like the rush of competitive matches!

  • welcome to the community.

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