Lumber Yard integration and virtual items.

  • So I was trying to find a game that best matches Breakaway and a game called Paragon seemed like a good choice. When I downloaded the Epic Games Launcher I saw they integrated the Unreal Engine right into the game launcher. I decided to download the Unreal Engine. The installation was so easy! I remember downloading Lumberyard and thought "Why cant Lumberyard be this easy to install and launch a project?".

    Integrating the Unreal Engine in the game launcher is such a brilliant move. I think it really helps grow a community. Things like Source Filmmaker and Gary's Mod is proof of that.

    Im predict Amazon will be selling virtual models in the future. Ive bought some costumes for video game characters in the past and every time I felt silly for doing so. Buying costumes for a character that only works for one game that will probably go offline within 10 years seems like a waste of money, but if I could own it and play with it in a game engine I would feel like I actually bought something.

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