Meet The Berserkers: Chark

  • Get to know the players in the Breakaway Office League! Players from each team submitted a blurb about themselves, check the forums for more introductions!

    From Chark:
    People call me Chark. I am the esports manager for Breakaway. I was excited and humbled to be drafted onto the team.

    There are a number of good players in the studio and it’s difficult to pick out just one that stands out as the best. The game is equal parts team dynamics and individual contributions. There is probably a group of four or five players in the studio who depending on the team comp and the map would be the best.

    I think we got a solid team. I plan on finishing in the top 2 out of the group stage.

    Something interesting about myself? I’ve always liked gold. Here’s a card from a trading card game I helped make.

    Looking forward to some sweet games of Breakaway!

  • Chark helped make a TCG?! That's awesome. Has me wondering if AGS is ever gonna take a shot at a digital TCG. :thinking:

    Excited to see the other 2 teams play, even though I'm rooting for #SquirrelPosse to go all the way.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    @Nov4cane Yeah, I was involved with a couple of TCGs in my past: Hex (where this card is from), World of Warcraft TCG (predecessor to Hearthstone), Yu-Gi-Oh! (was on the organized play team) and Magic (I was a judge for that game).

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