Meet Team Feed Me: Mpriest

  • Get to know the players in the Breakaway Office League! Players from each team submitted a blurb about themselves, check the forums for more introductions!

    From Mpriest:
    Greetings! I’m Mpriest. I’m the executive producer for Breakaway. When I heard I was drafted, my first thought was: “does it come with free beer?”

    A sleeper player in the office is definitely LeftMouseButt0n. Her Alona comes out of nowhere with top kills. I have a feeling our team, led by Zin Ramu, is going to take first place.

    An interesting fact about myself? I eat apples all wrong.

    Lastly, I will definitely make Anne Bonny’s Trampoline work for me this season. I’m looking forward to the competition!

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