Meet FeelsBauMan: spooky_forest

  • Get to know the players in the Breakaway Office League! Players from each team submitted a blurb about themselves, check the forums for more introductions!

    From spooky_forest:
    Hello, I’m spooky_forest, technical artist on the Breakaway team.

    When I was drafted I thought, cool! I wonder how much playtime I can get in?

    I have no idea who the best player is now. Since the Alpha, I need to get used to the new, squishier Rawlins, so, uh, me!

    We’ve got some very good players on our team, including the infamous ButterBeany! I like our chances.

    Something not many people know about me: I have an unhealthy obsession with classical media.

    What I am looking forward to this season? Mostly, it’s about getting to play a lot of Breakaway!

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