Gameplay Analysis: Why YOU should Teamfight in Breakaway

  • Hello all! So an interesting topic came up in the discord the other day that I would like to share and elaborate on. The topic was top reasons to teamfight in Breakaway. This is extremely important topic because many times I feel teams are fighting because it is what seems right at the time but not having a reason behind it. Breakaway as a game is complex in the fact that everything needs to be done for a reason to set up present and future team advantage. So lets dive into it. Shidosha was the first to bring up the topic making some good points.

    The Great Shidosha stated:
    "The top 3 situations I choose are: Create a struggle so that a potential break-away is possible, Create a fight on OUR TERMS so that we can dwindle either the numbers (via ring-out baits or just superior focused DPS), Force health down (which pushes them back) or bait them to burn abilities that would otherwise stop us from making an aggressive push in their face. There are other situations where I will set a team fight up. Say i want to work on chipping their base, Say we are on El Dorado and we are on their T wall side where most people like to set up healing shrines and so on. Say I want to take those out and the only reason we are stacking is so that our range character can cheekily snipe those out. I also force team fights to farm - Before i learned how strong Midas touch was I would do a relic stashing technique where I'd store the relic someplace and purposely overextend to bait the enemy team to chase me so that we fight (usually) by protected shrines. We just want money, and to extend death timers. Even when we push back we are at advantage but we are just setting up techniques to harvest assists from each other."

    As always great analysis by Shidosha but I decided to take it a step further and break down the fundamentals of team fighting in Breakaway as well as add on to Dosha's analysis. In this forum post I will be breaking down the fundamentals of team fighting and why we should teamfight ahead or behind.

    I. Team Mentality
    When talking about something as fundamental as teamfighting in a game like this. You have to think about player and team mentality. A lot of the situations that occur when a team decides to fight are taken because of what a team feels is right or the BEST OPTION at the time. With that said the game right now is focused heavily on gold advantage and respawn time advantage as well as of course stashing the relic, relic movement, team fighting, defensive and offensive positioning and a common one people forget, buildable positioning. When talking about a unorganized team mentality, I think that since no players are vocal or openly sharing a common goal with lack of communication, players all have different ways to win therefore not much gets accomplished. But with an organized team, ideas are normally funneled into one idea to gain advantage or win the game. By this I mean all the players can normally agree on a combination of ideas that match the teams play style that can all be funneled into one plan. The teams comfort level and play style as well as current position in all aspects of the game as previously mentioned, should determine the strategy they go with into the next teamfight.

    II. Team Strategies
    Now for specific strategies I think that those Dosh mentioned are really good ones. I think no matter what you should always try to create a fight on your terms whether ahead or behind. This is because if you can fight with your team having a thought out rather then basing it off of playmaking and reactionary timing it is always favorable. And in a lot of cases the team that initiates a fight on their regard can win that fight if the opposing team doesn't do some insane improvic counter or is ahead by enough to nullify the initiation advantage. But the biggest thing about this idea is most WINNING teams understand this it's the LOSING teams that should more often but don't take advantage of this. When your losing a lot of teams feel pigeon holed into defending the base and hopefully taking a good fight in order to regain advantage. But actually catching a team off guard and forcing a fight at a really favorable part of the map can actually be a lot more beneficial and turn the tides sooner. Most players would think that the most favorable position is your base because that's where your buildables are and goal to regen HP. But a lot of times it doesn't have to be and in some cases it can actually be a bad place. Taking a fight in the base when losing can further gold advantage if the enemy team is successful at taking out more buildables and can be the end of the round if some of your teammates die. Being that the enemy team is already ahead makes the success rate of both these events immensely higher. While this may not always be the case in some situations it may be smarter to take the fight to the winning enemy team. Your team can position themselves where the team can get easy environmental kills or offensive buildable effectiveness. They can also position themselves where they can get greater ability usage, terrain usage or gold advantage for that teamfight. There are a couple more things to state about this but to keep this relatively "short" i'll reserve the rest of my commentary for later. The next thing Dosh brought up was Force health down and Bait abilities. I am going to group these two ideas because more or less happen in very quick succession of each other. This is because if your forcing the enemy's team health down of course your enemies are using abilities too at the same time. This is actually extremely important for losing teams but winning teams as well. Being able to bait a bad ult or bad ability can easily give you the upper hand in a team fight or relic push. This is a straight forward idea but I think the complexity comes in the fact that it's not only baiting the abilities or ults but its CAPITALIZING on them. And this is where I have to see teams kind of falter depending on how good they are. When talking about capitalization on a baited situation however this is ability and situationally specific so i'll just give an example. Lets take a BK that wiffed thorns or hit it onto one hero and is still trying to frontline. The enemy team can easily focus fire him with abilities in order to take him out. OR in my opnion the better option kill or force back the opposing teams backline. Whether it be a Morgan, Alona or Anne Bonnie, the wiff of thorns makes the backline severely exposed because the control on the frontline has dwindled. These are two strategies that me and Dosh tried to analyse but they are some of the most common and, with mastery, can be some of the most devastating.

    III. Tips for Teamfighting
    This is something new I'm adding myself in to summarize but also allude to ideas maybe not previously mentioned.

    1. ALWAYS teamfight for a reason.
    2. Don't narrow-cast on the present, think about the future of the game/match as well.
    3. When behind in a game don't feel turtled in your base. Try to make an aggressive maneuver if you can gain some advantage by it.
    4. Bait the team abilities and capitalize on them.
    5. Read Teamfight tempo (know when to push harder or when to ease up).
    6. Keep your eye on the relic. PLEASE!
    7. Try to grasp your cooldowns and enemy cooldowns on abilities and ults.
    8. Gauge current respawn timers/ threats and prioritize accordingly.
    9. To go with 8, FOCUS FIRE
    10. Don't overextend or be the "one man show".

    In closing, I say all this to say that taking important team fights is a essential part of this game obviously and I feel as we learn and grow as a competitive community we will learn the best ways to take team fights ahead or behind as well as even more ways to take team fights. Overall, I think it's important sometimes as a player to not narrowcast yourself on one specific moment but look at the game as a whole. Ask yourself questions not only: How will this fight set me up to take the round? but, How will this fight set me up to take the game? Let me know what you guys think. Also, let me know if there is anything else that should be added to this post. Whether new strategies or reasons to fight, tips or even team mentality comments. Thanks guys!
    LYLT [+]

  • Hey DatGuyAegis, Bau here!

    I wanted to stop by and say thanks for such an awesome post. We’re very much loving all of the thought and consideration that was obviously poured into it. I was in the Discord chat when the original discussion was taking place, and it’s great to see all of the different perspectives on such an interesting and integral subject. I’d love to hear more ideas and expand on the subject even further.

    When I’m on a team, some secondary elements which help me to figure out our teamfighting potential and how to approach teamfights are:
    • Team cohesion- You may have some great players on the same team, but unless they’re working together, their combat potential will be limited. Play to your team’s strengths (this is where the two tank comp with the devs came into play).
    • Team Comp- What strategy are you going for? Running, Harass, Fighting? Your team comp will drastically effect when, where and how often you should be team fighting
    • Communication- How well does your team communicate? Do you have a shotcaller? Good communication can drastically increases your potential overall during fights and breakaways

    Some follow up questions to keep the conversation going:
    • How do you identify when and where a good team fight should take place?
    • When do you decide when to commit to a fight?
    • How does your equipment build influence your teamfighting strategies?
    • Buildables: Drop them for backline defense, or save them to support a fight/push?

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