Meet the Berserkers: ThrillhouseVH

  • Get to know the players in the Breakaway Office League! Players from each team submitted a blurb about themselves, check the forums for more introductions!

    From ThrillhouseVH:
    Hey everyone, I’m ThrillhouseVH. I am part of the Core Engine Programming team, we make the core subsystems of the game and we also are on the frontline of leveraging Lumberyard technologies.

    To be honest, when I heard I was drafted, I didn’t think much of it. Just another day at the office.

    Best player in the office is JustCallMeBau. Zin Ramu does some questionable stuff when he plays on stream. :P

    Most people don’t know I like Dachshunds. So now you know.

    I look forward to winning the whole darn thing.

  • Id say i love me some THRILLHOUSE. i agree too.. ramu does some questionable stuff :D

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