How should this game handle maps?

  • Should this game have more hazard heavy maps?
    Should there be some for fun maps?
    Should there be a separation of competitive / casual maps?

    speak up everyone no one can be wrong and i would like to see what everyone thinks.

  • I think hazard heavy maps would be the better choice if you are talking about maps that have more areas to fall off of or static devices that enemies can be knocked into.

  • I like the idea of maps that have hazards, and not just falling off the maps, I think it'd bring a level of complexity to strategies, and how to fight around it or completely avoid it all together. I don't know how it would work in the competitive scene or if we would even play these maps or just ban them out. IMO fun maps are very competitive, I think the devs have done a great job with the map design so far. As for seperation between casual and competitive maps I don't think there should ever be separation between the style of map, the only game I have ever played that has this is counterstrike, and thats because some maps are extremely one sided or for a different game mode, Breakaway is a mirrored map and all maps should be equal. What I would like to see is 8-10 well constructed maps (not right at launch, I hope to see 4-5 maps at launch), and in a custom mode (maybe even in ranked) a pick and ban phase for these maps.

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