What are some buildables you'd like to see on future characters?

  • Just wondering what your ideas were.

    A few I had were:

    Gold Fountain: Spawns a few gold coins every 5-10 seconds that appear on the ground.

    Resurrect shrine: Automatically resurrects anybody who dies within its radius (one use?)

    Some sort of teleport shrine: Will let you teleport between two locations. Can't pass through while carrying the relic.

    What are some of your ideas?

  • Just a couple ideas here.

    For a new support

    • Offensive: Place a translucent wall that slows enemies that pass through it. [40% - 60%]
    • Defensive: Place a translucent wall that increases movement speed of allies that pass through it. [30-45%]
    • Defensive: Place a totem that heals a single target at [medium / long] range. [X healing per second]
    • Offensive: Place a totem that pulses a short-range wave every [3s - 5s] that grants allies temporary CC immunity. Effects last [.75s - 1.25s]

    For a new tank:

    • Offensive: Place a wide-swinging ax that follows a pendulum path and deals damage and knocks back opponents that are hit by it.
    • Defensive: Place an Iron Maiden that when touched by an enemy locks them in for [1.5s - 3s] and deals [X damage per second]. The enemy is immune to other sources of damage for the duration.

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