Favorite play from Office League Season 2?

  • Hey everyone with Season 3 of the Office League starting on Thursday i wanted to know what was everyone's favorite plays from Season 2.

    My favorite play from all of season 2 would have to be Game 2 of the Season Finals TeamFeedMe VS Squirrel Posse.

    What made this play my favorite was the positioning on the side of TeamFeedMe, you see Zin_Ramu sneak his way up the piston without any pressure due to the ball being thrown right into the middle of the fight which BK was ready for with his Ultimate. TeamFeedMe then continued to have this nice split going with their team having Zin_Ramu on platform meaning the only way for the enemy team to get him is to retreat back to base giving up critical map control that they needed to keep.

    I get so excited watching this play just because of the Mpriest fake on ball spawn, starting it off GucciPants runs right into the fight grabbing the ball and immediately passing it to Mpriest not giving the enemy team a lot of time to read the play and reacting to what they see. Mpriest fakes that he is going to run it left side making the enemy team move their focus to the left giving just enough of an opening for a pass to the platform and Zin_Ramu to make the shot.

    While we all love the #GucciWall which was an insane save, it was plays like this that gave TeamFeedMe the win, great communication and plays from them.

    What is your favorite play from Season 2?

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    Next season I'd like to see teams step up their passing game. There's a lot of untapped skill potential there.

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