Breakaway Fantasy League

  • Season 3 of the Internal Breakaway League is here with first matches starting on Thursday. I decided to set up a small Fantasy League that viewers can partake in as an extra activity to do during Throw down Thursday.
    Here are the player pools based off the teams picked from the 5 GM’s for season 3.

    Team Kalo

    • Coach - UXKilla
    • bones - 75
    • gltovar - 70
    • notvert - 30
    • otterhed - 70

    Team MissDJM

    • Coach - Bobavette
    • justcallmebau - 85
    • thrillhousez - 70
    • nocnoz - 60
    • yinmute - 30

    Team Shidosha

    • Coach - Greytrip
    • belirdarkstone - 75
    • butterbeany - 70
    • the_smelly - 55
    • MK_Utraman - 50

    Team Flipdup

    • Coach - DanielMcGowan
    • zin_ramu - 75
    • guccipants - 75
    • killacademy - 30
    • mpriest - 65

    Team Fullmetal

    • Coach - spooky_forest
    • oldrustyrobot - 80
    • charsky - 75
    • reticentcouch - 60
    • shushubear - 30

    Fantasy Draft Rules.

    • Max players

      For each league that you run a maximum of 5 players are allowed. You can participate in as many leagues as you want but the max players will remain 5.


    Picking for the draft will be a randomly selected order in a “snake pick draft” picking one by one in the order that was randomly selected with the last person to pick each round picking twice then reversing the order.

    Each Fantasy team will pick from the pool of players that are playing in the official Season 3 internal league. All four players for your Fantasy team will be drafted first rounding out draft picks with picking a coach from the 5 possible coaches.

    Each Fantasy Team will follow the Official Season 3 Rules of a maximum of 250 points across your team (not including the coach.) points for each player are listed next to their name.

    Adding to the rule each team must have a minimum of 180 points total for all players( this is to keep teams from grabbing all low players making it impossible for the others to stay below 250.)

    Each Fantasy Team must consist of 4 players from the Official Season 3 rosters shown above. Fantasy Teams can only have a maximum of 2 players from one of the official teams. (not including coaches.)

    Once all four players are drafted the Fantasy Teams will then pick a coach for their team.

    Point System.

    The Fantasy League for Season 3 of breakaway is Point System base as this is the first iteration of the Fantasy League the point system has been made simple.

    • Players

      • Score a goal – 1 points

      • Round MVP – 1 point. (since we usually don’t see the end screen for a match final round MVP will not count as a point but instead be given to the person who scored the point.)

      • In the event that the game goes to territory point each player on the winning side will be given 1 point No MVP point will be given.

        To clarify Round MVP a little more this goes for both blue and red team in the match. If 2 of your Fantasy players are against each other and they both are MVP at the end of a round you would gain 2 points for that round(not including the last round that point will go to only the person that scored a goal.) .

    • Coach

      • Match win – 1 points.

      • Series Win – 2 points

        As a coach their main role is to get your team the win. If the Official Team that your Coach is on wins a map your Fantasy Team will gain 1 points, if the team goes on to win the series 2 points will be awarded to your Fantasy team.

    • Substitution

      If a player can’t make their match the Substitute picked in the Official League will represent your player in the Fantasy draft (cost of the substitute does not matter for Fantasy Team.)

    Point values for both players and coaches that participate each week will be updated HERE allowing you to easily keep track of your Fantasy Team. This is the first iteration of this and hopefully as the game progresses we can improve and make this fun for everyone.

  • Breakaway ThrowDown Thursday Season 3 Fantasy League Live Draft on Twitch Hosted By None Other Than Kronic!

    Check out the video below to watch our rough draft... draft! This is our first attempt at a fantasy league for Breakaway office league! So we do apologize for the small errors as i was multi tasking and math hard. Credits to Kronic and crew for the awesome idea and everyone else. Thanks to TDT and AGS for making it possible.

    Interested in participating then act fast! Season starts this thursday! Discord for mature individuals interested in the FL and/or competitive Breakaway teams! Be positive, helpful, and courteous to others and you'll fit right in!

    Thanks guys! More to come! Any suggestions appreciated!

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