• [So after resting for a bit after getting home it's finally time i made this thread to thank and give praises to the people who made my weekend amazing.] sequential order

    Those i knew before breakaway

    • Shidosha and GutterMagic
      this wouldn't be a proper shout out thread if you two were not at the top tippy top of it. Both of you knew me when i was barely 18 and was a flat out nobody with no one to talk to. Ya both gave me advice, ya both taught me things i had no idea about and generally treated me well and never pushed me away. Without you two I don't even think i would still be trying to do games competitively. Hell I don't even know if i would have continued doing things on twitch or going to tournaments. I would probably sitting in my room playing single player games all day. Thank you shidosha and thank you gutter because once again without you two i wouldn't be here.
    • MissDJM
      such a kind and friendly soul, shes helped me cool off after much heated moments and welcomed me with open arms as a friend. Shes also suuuper hilarious when she is going try hard mode in games or playing through certain games. Finding out you were going to become another one of the few people i know that are going to help make breakaway become huge was a joy to me. Its almost like everyone I know is slowly becoming one big breakaway family. Thanks DJ for generally being dope.

    • Spooky
      I rolled up in the studio only expecting to see dosh, gutter, and DJ. Not going to lie I was still under the impression that things were ruined so I was gonna give you space. But you pulled me over and we ended up talking things out to fix that (although i still feel like i messed up somewhere.) Thanks for putting up with a bunch of my bullshit over the few months, because honestly i brought out a lot of it.

    People who made my breakaway experience

    • Heintzer
      The man who contacted me about going to the studio and getting everything setup properly so I could safely make it to and from without any problems, thank you, without you I wouldn't have been able to meet shidosha and gutter in person nor would i have met the others in the community. I would have just continued living the bland and slightly off putting life i live.
    • Nov4cane
      Running into you on that plane was hilarious and the way you told your jokes had me falling for them every single time. The funniest moment hands down had to be when i realized the deodorant i used wasn't working, then when i asked if it was me you just straight up told me the bad news. I loved that and it was honestly hilarious.
    • Motz, hippo, and POTM
      When it came to turning up, you guys were ABOUT IT. Unfortunately I was lightweight and ended up not being able to continue turning up after the first day because I went way to hard LMFAO. Discussing and playing the game with you guys was dope and you guys are still generally looking out for, talking with me, and even recommending that i join up with a team for breakaway (which im 100% about.) You guys hands down were the hypest people i met out of breakaway so far and it was a joy meeting yall.
    • Sariel
      playing matches with you was amaaaaaaazing. We would just whip out our BBKs and just stomp all over people, you were so good we barely needed to communicate what we wanted to do while we were teaming. We basically just stuck together and read situations pretty well. Even when we weren't playing BK we were doing some damage on other characters. I would definitely love joining back up with you when breakaway comes up because we were seriously a dope ass team.
    • AdamHwong
      Our charismatic and very helpful leader of our team for the weekend. he promptly answered questions, assisted anyone who had any issues, and even helped me answer questions i had once I was home. He cracked jokes and even had the dopest coaching / pop off strats while we were playing off the matches. It was amazing and I enjoyed every single minute of the matches we played.
    • FilthieRich
      He was interacting with everyone during the event and asking us all kinds of questions. When he asked what games i was primarily playing before breakaway he was glad to hear that i was primarily into fighting games and mentioned he wouldn't mind running some sets with me. He's really cool and even made a couple of jokes while i was hanging out at the studio. My favorite joke he made was when he asked where I came from. When i told him baltimore maryland he just silently did the "im watching you" gesture and it was hilarious LMFAO

    • The Good Looking Ones and khon
      Kouga, killian, khon, and me ended up riding on the same flight back and while we were waiting we were all joking around and sharing some stories here and there along with motz but he ended up leaving before we did. What i didn't realize was they were making all kinds of jokes about me at the studio and i had NO IDEA. I was completely oblivious and i was just agreeing with everything. While we were waiting to board the plane khon ended up realizing he was first class and ended up dancing / taunting his way on the plane. (only to end up coming home sick GOT EM) Meanwhile kouga and killian were joking about how they were gonna have to hustle to their next plane. I joined in on the laughs only for them to point out to me I had less time than they did. I look down at my ticket and completely froze up. our plane landed at 8:25 and boarding for my flight home was 8:25. They rightfully turned to joke about my flight and i just ended up joining in on the fun. I wasn't to worried as I had faith that i would be capable of running the whole way to catch my flight (which I did.)

    Honorable mentions

    • MackNJeeves and HalieAtisuto although we didn't hang out much, you guys really had some dope ideas, reasons, and explanations behind them. All though I may not have agreed with a lot of them I was still able to respect the way you were able to convey your opinions. You both were also super friendly and I would also like to apologize for being a massive tryhard during our games. I was a flat out ass and im surprised none of you told me off for it.
    • the camera crew who took our photos
      The process was short and sweet and you all were really dope to work with. <.< i don't know who it was but you tried tricking me into doing the esports arm crossing thing. :P nice try but I knew it was optional.
    • Everyone who was in charge of bringing us out and organizing the event
      without you, none of us would have met each other and we wouldn't have had such an experience that will live on in our heads forever.

    • Hickory
      Our brief discussion of the game combined with the story you told about your lady on thursday was priceless.

    • Kalo
      You'll be seeing my black knight and spartacus when this game is more accesssible
      alt text

    What this all meant to me

    Before this trip, I honestly felt like things were about to get lonely and worse for me. I don't leave the house much nor do I get to interact with people around my age at all. Outside of a rare few people i felt like nobody cared for me honestly. After this trip I finally realized It won't be that way for long. Things are possibly going to get better for me and its all thanks to you all in the breakaway community along with everyone currently working at Amazon game studios. Without this moment i had this weekend I would probably be just sitting at home mashing my fist into my desk and being angry at myself thank you all for welcoming me and showing me good times are coming.

    Whether or not I can ever come back doesn't bother me. One trip was more than enough for a lifetime, It would be greedy of me and make me feel guilty if i had the belief of "I GOTTA GET BACK TO THE STUDIO." when I was already blessed with the one trip I got. whether I get a chance to comeback or not I'm still going to be shouting to the world that breakaway and its community is a great game to get into no until times get rough. Good luck to everyone and may things work out for us all.

  • <3 Much love my dude.
    I'm honored to have met so many awesome people this past weekend.
    Stoked for the future! :D

  • XY,

    Like I've said before it was an absolute pleasure to finally meet you. That is definitely thee biggest loving hug I've ever received. I'm always down to talk when you need to cool down. Any time you feel heated, just take a deep breath and hit me up any time. I'm honored to be high up on that bullet point. This past week was amazing. Meeting everyone, though I didn't get the chance to talk to everyone. My bad really. Much love man.

  • Yo @XYZP, nothing but love and respect from me dude! I know you care a shit ton about this game and want to see it become this amazing thing - we're all in the same boat! We may all have differing ideas on what that looks like, but I respect you and your ideas just like I do everyone else's.

    At the end of the day, it's the people I love - it's the community that will keep me coming back to this game. So no worries about getting overly excited during the game play! I know Halie and I had a freaking blast this weekend playing the games and meeting everyone.

    ... but if you try to pull that Two Alona + Two BK shit on me again...

    Haha... just kidding! Much love, bruh!

  • <3 i haven't had this much love in a while thank you everyone i look forward to continue making history with breakaway.

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