My Thoughts on the New Updates

  • Hey guys Aegis here and it's been a bit but I wanted to share with you all my thoughts on the new updates announced by Mike and Rich!

    I. Better Movement Options
    Movement Overhaul and Decay - Starting on Overhaul I noticed this was a problem when making quick "flick of the mouse" plays in the Alpha, it was a bug that needed to be fixed. It's really good that it was recognized and corrected because it honestly makes the game run the way it should when it comes to aiming. I mean the basis of it is if you aim somewhere with a cross hair you should hit in that direction. Decay is lowkey my favorite thing that was changed because stopping when attacking was my BIGGEST pet peeve in the Alpha. It made the flow of teamfights and gameplay very choppy and weird. Now its going to be mad smooth and I thing that while we shouldn't maintain full momentum when attacking, maintaining some is necessary.

    Omninav - aka the "broke dem ankles" lol. But seriously first and foremost shout out to the new particle affects on and around the relic looking sicker then a mug. Secondly this is somewhat of a relic carriers dream come true because the juke options become endless. and now with the strafe being added, the opportunity for some really impressive plays become present.

    II. Ability Casting

    Single, Double, Hold and Release - This is a prime example of something that slipped by me in the alpha that I didn't realize how useful a system like this would be. I know I'll be using double tap for my personal gameplay because that is what I use in almost all other games that have an option like this one. But this opens up a lot of preferable options for the players and also reduces the risk of fat fingering abilities. Some players that come from other games will be used to casting abilities in these ways so it'll make the learning curve easier.

    Range finder- I love this addition because I often times would cast a spell and not know the range of it or the projectile width. Giving a clear indication whether you will hit a target or not will become extremely helpful for those who decide to play with hold and double. The advantage that single still has is it's still faster casting overall because you're only clicking once and sometimes milliseconds make the difference especially in a game like this.

    Overall, these two things come down to player and play style but recognizing that players play like this is a big step forward.

    III. Buildable Changes

    1 Big vs. 2 Small - I am a little indifferent about this change but overall I think it's pretty good. The upside is no longer will bases be spammed with a shit ton of buildables and buildables now are a lot stronger where before they were pretty weak just used to have massive hordes of them. The downside is that every character loses one buildable which made gameplay a little more diverse in the way that bases were built and fortifications were made. I do think the positives outweigh the negatives here though. I think having one buildable is going to make their value a lot higher for your team because if placed well they are going to take longer and be harder to destroy.

    No Gold Gain - I know Breakaway's economy was kind of screwy in the Alpha and hopefully this will fix it somewhat. I am not a know-it-all when it comes down to the minuet details of the economy but I think this will fix quite a bit. No longer will a team be able to win off the fact that they destroyed the opposing teams buildables and got a heavy gold advantage.

    IV. Economy Update

    Passive Gold Gain Overtime - Boy this was a heated topic in the Discord. But hey, I'm glad the devs did something about it and I think it's the right step? Like I said I am not too great when it comes to the games economy but I know most other games like breakaway have a passive gold gain system without buying an item so as far as I see it's lit. My only question is what is going to happen to midas? Is it still in the game? Has it been nerfed? If so I think this nerfs it just a bit because no matter what every player gets passive gold gain midas will just make you get more. As opposed to midas carriers being the only one to get passive gold gain.

    V. Character Updates

    Sparticus - My boy Sparty aka instant ultra combo (shoutout to GutterMagic). The changes to Sparty probably are the best and most needed because there is no more being stun locked to death. His double attack also used to be the only attack that moved him forward a bit on the second blow so changing him was important. The single attack is good, I like the change to for glory it's dope (THIS IS SPARTAAAA!) and overall I feel like this doesn't nerf Sparty but makes him a lot less overpowered which I personally feel he was before. I think that he will take more skill to execute correctly while still being able to be a viable dps. (Also anyone peep the buildable change in the bottom left. No more ramp?)

    Alona - The goddess of movement herself has received a bit of an ability nerf. It honestly is a good thing in all honesty because her and Morgan are the best mobile characters in the game so she needed to be balanced somewhere else and I am glad the devs caught that. Blessing of the sun looks really cool visually and I like the change overall I think it's solid she didn't need the invincibility so it's all solid. It makes it so Alona players will have to play a bit differently in order to play around the lack of invincibility which overall I feel will restrict her movement around the map.

    Black Knight - Is? Is that? The best character in the game coming through with the changes? If you know me you should know BK is my all time and will always be my favorite character in Breakaway. If it's yours too, I'm an OG fan so I love him more sorry not sorry. But about the changes you know Imma be mad conflicted about this because I love him so much. I'm like yeah its dope reflect damage but I'm also like RIP environmental kills. I came the conclusion that ultimately I feel like the reflect will be better in the long run. I feel like as BK and Thor you are constantly the center of attention and popping a reflect at a good time can kill a dps or totally change the momentum of the fight. It's going to be one of those clutch abilities that each team will have to think about because you may end up hurting yourself more then you hurt him. I compare it to blade mail in Dota 2 which most tanks can opt to pick up. It's something that even some professional carries mess up and kill themselves on so it's going to change the game and ask for a lot more dps players to be disciplined and respect the shield or they may end up 6 feet under. Also, Cruel Summons is buff in my opinion because the knockdown allows you to combo as a team and even yourself as BK a lot easier. The pull before had no afterlock so a player could quickly jaunt or walk away before being followed up on but this makes follow ups easier with things like Devastation or Thorns whatever you want.

    VI. The Conclusion
    Overall, I think these updates lurched the game into a very promising future and I know the devs will continue to work hard and do great things for the game and the community. I wouldn't invest so much time into studying the game or giving my opinion if I really didn't love this game and see what it potentially could be one day. With that said the versatility factor has been upgraded giving players a more open ended experience. More opportunity for sick plays and new things to be discovered. Lastly as always I write these to know what you guys think. I know it may be too long for some but read a part that you're interested in and tell me what you think. But, if you did stick it out to the end your a true homie!

    -LYLT [+] Aegis

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