Jarra Warrior Stats

  • Jarra


    Stat Value
    Health 325
    Base Damage 9.5
    Attack Stat 50
    Attack Ratio 0.35R
    Armor 5?
    Movement Speed 10.5?
    Ability Description Cooldown Damage
    Camouflage Temporary stealth (lasts 12sec). Becomes visible when she attacks or after being close to an opponent for too long. Brief invincibility on activation. 10 sec N/A
    Pounce Leaping attack which stuns the opponent (~1.5s) and can be charged to increase range and damage (up to 2x). 8 sec 45 (0.5R)
    Predatory Focus Buff which increases the damage for her next attack as well as her move speed towards opponents (lasts 8sec). 12 sec +20%DMG +30%MS
    Eviscerate Powerful multi-slash attack(x4), which deals great damage. 22 sec 35(0.5R)x3 65(1.0R)x1

    Info taken from Rich's Warrior Reveal Video! Have Fun!

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