What should be done to improve the MVP voting and the "top player of each round" screens to make them meaningful?

  • Kind of a two part question but I think both are being impacted by the same programming, so I'm including them in the same post.

    What should/can be done with the MVP and the Top Player of Each Round screens to make them more meaningful?

    Right now it feels like it's almost picking someone at random. I've never seen an amazing 10k/round heal Alona up there, or a Morgan who silenced the enemy team 9 times but didn't score a kill.

    I've seen rounds where someone who was 0/0/0 with not all that much going on got picked as the top player for the round when someone who ran the relic and scored didn't get mentioned.

    What does everyone think would be some good ways/things to look at in determining the top two or three players?

    I don't really have any ideas but figured the smarter people out there would. My only thought is to provide more info on the MVP screen or somehow integrate it with the overall score screen, so we can pick based on more criteria other than just the stuff the game thinks is important.


  • I think we need to get all the information from the devs on how the current MVP is selected.

    Like with ELO, this is a difficult thing to balance: how are different actions valued and balanced between classes?
    My Morgan playstyle, for example, doesn't win me a lot of fancy numbers (usually my only outlier is a lot of damage taken but little to no deaths), but it sure as hell wins games.

    Once the ranked system rolls out or at least starts getting talked about, hopefully this'll be part of the conversation as well.

  • differentiating between all the stats of each category.

    seeing someone getting mvp on spartacus because they got 9 kills when someone else played spartacus but ended up with 14 kills is mad weird

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