Lost Codes

  • So I really wanna play Breakaway but the thing is when i might have gotten a code a might have skipped over it and deleted it. So if Breakaway your reading this is there any chance I can get the same code?

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Kalo is right. If you're registered for the Alpha (playbreakaway.com/alpha) on or before May 5, you will be invited to join us for the next public play test on June 15. If you have not yet registered, you will be invited to one of the tests shortly there after. We are looking to have regular playtests following the June 15 date, so make sure you register.


  • As long as you're signed up you'll be okay.

  • @MrSil If you played in the previous Alphas is it the same sign up? I currently am having issues redownloading. Am I good since I have been linked for the last test?

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