Who's excited for June 15th?

  • Been waiting what feels like forever to play again :3 Kalohype

  • Rumor is 9PM EST tonight, probably after the office league championship (streamed on twitch at 8pm EST)

  • @cyneris oh ok so does that mean we can't actually play until after that? I wish they'd be more specific with when it starts and when they'd send out invites. Cause I woulda loved to have pre-installed it so I can jump on ASAP

  • Aw, Kalohype <3

  • Can't wait! I loved the last open testing and watching the streams. This title is a very enjoyable title to watch, very intense moments akin to Rocket League

  • I'm super excited. Can't wait to try out Jarra and see what changes the team has made for us to make the game amazing.

  • Yeah I'm totally waiting for that! I hope though that the network lag I encountered during the last alpha is gone.

  • Finally!!!! Woot Woot!

  • Is this really the extent of the hype? I've been waiting since playing at GDC, and am so ready. Trying to get some friends to play too. But the reddit and forum both seem pretty dead, I hope that people just forgot and everyone comes flooding in after they get the email.

    Also, does it start at midnight (and what timezone if so)? I don't want to wait a minute longer than I have to xD

  • I am super hype, but when are we supposed to get our codes? I signed up well before the cut off date, but haven't gotten a single email in either of the emails that I use.

  • @derklyliu Think so, there's a lot of chatter going on in the discord now if you want to check it out
    Glad to see that there is still hype xD

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