Alpha Connection Issues

  • If you're having trouble connecting to the Alpha and signed up before 5/4, please post here.

  • Don't use the Twitch Launcher app, use the Twitch app instead!!

    I also played the December alpha, so I had the Twitch Launcher installed, which doesn't seem to work anymore.

    After I got the Twitch app, I was able to log into the game.


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    @gemhoarder Don't worry fam we got you! That's what we are here for!

  • I'm excited to play the alpha, just don't have a key!
    Twitch ID: kirashado
    Version of Windows: Windows 8.1
    32 or 64 Bit: 64 bit
    Amount of physical RAM: 8.00GB
    Video Card: Nvidia 920M
    Running or streaming anything in the background? Not Applicable
    Wired or Wifi: Wifi.
    Time Zone: Eastern Time (EDT)
    Build Version: Not Applicable, I have no key
    Country of Origin: Canada
    Have you updated your Video Card recently: Yes

  • I didn't see anything in my email and I was so excited to play this weekend.

  • Im getting an offline message when trying to connect

  • Server unavailable on build 98.

  • ya boi can't log on i keep getting server offline issues

  • I signed up before 5/4 but haven't gotten any key or email.

    Edit: Just got an email with a code thanks!

  • my game just crashes when i start it up. I get the Amazon Game Studios thing but then after I don't even get the servers offline.

  • For everyone posting in this thread regarding offline status, please make sure you are not trying to launch the game via twitch launcher. The new official launcher is Twitch APP. Download link for this is here:

    You'll have to reinstall the game and after making sure everything is up to date, then you should be able to play. If not then, please detail your issue further in this thread.

  • Hi, I signed up back in either April or March. I haven't received my code for the game yet, and the game is also not appearing in the launcher for me. My friend who signed up on the same day as me has already gotten his code and installed the game.

  • Game not showing up for me in my launcher been signed up since the first alpha. Haven't received an Email either. Just nothing.

  • I played in the December Alpha and it worked! I updated everything, and eventually had to reinstall the game and the twitch app D: helpo! The game opens just fine, it just keeps giving me the servers are offline error :(
    Version of Windows: up to date windows 10
    32 or 64 Bit: 64
    Amount of physical RAM: 16gb
    Video Card: nvidia 970x
    Running or streaming anything in the background? nope
    Wired or Wifi: wired
    Time Zone: central
    Build Version:;423755
    Country of Origin: USA, Texas
    Have you updated your Video Card recently: yes

  • I disconnect after a replay playing Thorgrim. (Happened 2 out of 2 times)
    Windows 10.
    64 bit
    Ram 16
    Geforce GTX 1070
    driver updated 5.1.17

    edit: Played Elona no issues, played Thorgrim again and everything was fine!

  • @derklyliu I have installed the correct launcher and my GPU is up to date. Nothing running in the backgroud. Still getting offline message.

  • Hi I signed up before 5/4! I'm would love to get in there if possible!

  • @playbreakaway Says servers are offline when I load the game, what do I do?

    EDIT: Figured out I need to launch int he twitch app not the twitch launcher but now it is just crashing out, please help!!!!!

  • i signed up before the 5/4 and still haven't got a code in my email

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