Easy Anti Cheat?

  • It asks if I want to install that. Do I let it install that?

  • Do you have to install easy anti cheat service? I did not see an anwser? I don't recall having to install it before?

  • @orillie Hey man ,how do i instal the game? it says its going to be installed in twitch but i dont see it

  • I read this from another thread and it worked.
    For everyone posting in this thread regarding offline status, please make sure you are not trying to launch the game via twitch launcher. The new official launcher is Twitch APP. Download link for this is here: https://app.twitch.tv/

    P.S> I did let it install the anti cheat software.

  • I haven't actually entered the game yet though. I just see it is there.

  • I had to reboot to get into the game. Otherwise it closed after the Amazon logo.

  • Thanks man

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    @vabchrog Yeah, its legit. Don't worry we got you fam. You should be all set!

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