If you are trying to play in the beta and having trouble loading up breakaway please read

  • Do not download the update and try to use it through twitch launcher. I recently learned twitch launcher was scrapped.

    You must download the twitch App and the new beta build from the twitch app.

    https://app.twitch.tv/ use this link and once you have it installed click the controller icon and you should be able to log into your twitch account and download everything from there. I'm not sure if that is the current issue since im still waiting for the download will let you guys know once i try it out.

    EDIT: update it worked

    EDIT: updated the title thread for clarity.

  • Got that hint from Discord too, but by the looks of it, the download window itself IS Twitch Launcher and it let's me UPDATE the game. Do you think that will work? I installed and use twitch app.

  • you have to use the twitch app, twitch launcher is the problem

  • bumping for awareness

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