Anyone sad about changes for the base champions?

  • When I saw the announcement about the new art changes for the champions I was kind of sad. This is because the initial concept of the game really peaked my interests. Bringing iconic Champions of history into a singe arena and battling it out over a relic was really cool. This worked really well because the player immediately knew who most of the Champions were. The player knew the backstory of the Champions without having to read it all in the game. Now what Amazon Game Studios have done is thrown out that concept and replaced it with random "original" characters that the player has no idea who they are. It adds an extra chunk to the learning curve of the game since now all the players have to learn the names of these random "original" characters in order to communicate effectively with their team.

    While Morgan Le Fey still looks the same, her name is now Korryn, and the player doesn't get that immediate sense of who that character is. I understand that they are trying to stay away from comparisons to Smite, since a lot of the Champions seem to be based around Gods and Legends of different cultures, but they have lost the sense of familiarity with the characters now. I look at these new characters and I don't have the same feeling that I had with the old immediately recognizable characters. To fight as Morgan Le Fey and Spartacus was impactful and made sense, but fighting as Korryn and Argus just doesn't seem as impactful.

    Let me know if anyone else feels this way using the poll above. Keep in mind that I still really like this game since it is incredibly fun, this is just about the change in direction for who the champions are.

  • I also really liked how the Champion's name was announced when you selected it on the Warriors page in the menu. I hope they bring that back.

  • I voted that I didn't like the change but I never like change so there is that :P

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