Feedback - Alona

  • After playing the new alona, I have some gripes with the changes. I feel like now she has very little self sustain which makes her extremely easy to kill now. Especially with the ult change making it so she has to place the heal in front of her instead of it being around her. Previously her old ult allowed for quick burst heals for her team and herself. With this game being so fast paced and action heavy, you are usually dead once you drop your ult before you can even step inside.

    With the removal of the character specific perks, she needs to get some % of the heal she gives to her team mates with her Q. This enforces people to actually want to heal team mates while also healing herself. (this is assuming the ultimate will stay the same).

    Also, I know of the HP out of combat items but in this game you are very rarely out of combat so it feels like a waste of gold to build those items.

  • I've been playing only Alona since the alpha began and I have to disagree. While I don't have anything to compare it too since I didn't play in the December alpha, I feel she provides a good balance of healing and utility to her team. Her ult being in front of her rather than around her means that she's able to counter CC ults or full team knockdowns while keeping herself out of harms way. With her main healing mechanic, you can heal while using obstacles to stay out of your opponents line of sight, and with her E you can quickly hop in to save a teammate from a hard hitting hero.

    Yes she's squishy, but as a healer she should be. It requires you to constantly being checking your positioning and thinking ahead to where you need to move.

  • Yeah, burst is a little too bursty for squishies now & without the heal on hit effect most rangers have to hug too tight to feel any kind of self reliant. We used to have the hp regain on X move effect but it was defs op, maybe a similar effect with less hp?

  • @halo_ow Could do something like mercy. Where you point at the person you want to heal, than you can look elsewhere while healing.

  • @ikhongg that's exactly the set up I was thinking could work best.

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