Tabbing crashes the game

  • I'm on borderless window, but if I tab out while in a game or loading the game turns into a black screen and I have to close it. Sometimes it can't even be closed and you can't switch to any other application, I already restarted my pc twice to it and played the tutorial 7 times.

  • Tabbing back to the game while in queue also causes this.

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    That sounds very frustrating and we would like to look into this further. Can you please provide the following information below?

    Version of Windows:
    32 or 64 Bit:
    Amount of physical RAM:
    Video Card:
    Running or streaming anything in the background?
    Wired or Wifi:
    Time Zone:
    Build Version:
    Country of Origin:
    Have you updated your Video Card recently:

  • @ags_cm

    Version of Windows:
    32 or 64 Bit: It's 64 Bit Windows 10
    Amount of physical RAM: 8192MB RAM
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, 8131MB total memory, half display half shared
    Running or streaming anything in the background?: Not streaming, running spotify, discord, steam, google chrome, razer synapse
    Wired or Wifi: Wired
    Time Zone: UTC+2
    Build Version: I just got an update, but after a quick test the issue persists (got black screen when atl tabbing in the main menu and had to restart the pc, though it doesn't, or didn't happen every time I tab.) Current version is #; 424116
    Country of Origin: Bulgaria
    Have you updated your Video Card recently: I have not

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    @yuyy Thanks for sharing this information. While we don't have a fix for this at the moment (other than avoiding Alt-Tabbing or switching to another app while playing) I have reported this bug to our developers.

  • @ags_cc

    Can you tag me or something if you manage to fix it? I can't really play the game without tabbing when the queue times are, on average, between 8 and 12 minutes. Might be possible, but I'm far too used to doing it and that's a lot of time to do nothing. I'd still love to play the game though, if there's no longer that issues

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    @yuyy I'm the same way - I constantly Alt-Tab out of games while I'm waiting (except one - not Breakaway - which also crashes when I do it.)

    While I will receive periodic updates from our developers I might not be able to respond directly. If possible, though, I will reach out to you.

  • @ags_cc

    Thanks fam.

    May many lucks befall you o7

  • Have you been trying to run the title in window with borders? Then you could try to turn it full screen before the match starts.

  • @2real4game

    I have not but I'll try that when I next get the chance.

  • Seems there was another patch and I don't have the issue anymore

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