• some 1 tell me how i can install this game ??? !!! this tink get me twitch app and ?

    1. Download the twitch app.
    2. If you played in an earlier alpha you will have an option to xfer your library from the twitch launcher which no longer works.
    3. Make sure you redeemed your code. You'll need to do that for it to show up in your library.

  • i have the app but i download the same tink in the brackaway (welcome to brakeaway ) download

  • i need to downloade 2 tinks

  • You need to download the game and you don't know where to go for that. The e-mail you got just sent you to the twitch app download and you need to know how to download the game.
    I don't know the answer since mine was already there from a previous test. Hopefully someone else can reply.

  • need help, please

  • Make sure you're running the latest Twitch app - if you played in an earlier Alpha you may have installed an older version of the Twitch app.

    If Breakaway isn't visible in the app after logging in, it's possible you weren't registered to play before May 4th, or you didn't receive the registration email you should have. Feel free to contact customer support if you continue having problems!

  • I just got email with key but where do i put key??? I got link but when i open link its only allow me to download twitch app i downloaded and can't redeem key... What should i doo??

  • yep gaxy0 i have the same problem every time the i download twitch app no the game !! it is a bug or what ?
    and is not shows me in the twitch app game list because is seed i need a breakaway launcher to found the game .

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