Some thoughts about Alona and Korryn

  • First off, just want to say that I'm in love with this game and the developers have done so much work that deserves to be commended!

    That said, I have a few thoughts after putting in about 10 hours of gameplay since the launch of the alpha.

    When it comes to Alona, she feels very strong as a sustained healer, and unlike alot of others I do NOT feel she should be given a self heal. Her squishyness forces you to be smart in positioning and also requires you to keep an awareness of the biggest threats to you and how to quickly get out of a bad situation.

    I do however feel her Q ability needs some kind of smart casting option. Mainly allow the ability prioritize the lowest health ally in range (similar to how Li Li functions in Heroes of the Storm). This will add a level of skill to her healing, since you'll need to be smart in how close your are to allies to ensure you're healing the correct low health target, and also prevent her from being less about strategy and more about spamming q. As it stands right now, your ult is the only way to ensure you're healing the target you actually need to support, which defeats the sustainability her Q ability is supposed to offer.

    Otherwise, I feel her kit is incredibly balanced as it is right now. Her buildable can be played offensively or defensively, and her cooldowns are short enough that with the proper perks you can efficiently support your team for sustained teamfights.

    When it comes to Korryn, I feel she also is in a good place with her kit, with the exception of her E ability. Its 20 second cooldown I feel is unfairly long, especially since she is lacking in damage output. Her utility is all she has going for her, and it seems like a 16 or 18 second cooldown would be much more fair, and bring her in line with other warriors.

    Can't wait to play the game more and I'll be sure to provide more feedback and the game goes on!

  • Some additionally notes about these two characters.

    At the moment they feel unfairly hampered when it comes to their basic attacks. Due to how painfully slow their projectiles move, when chasing a relic holder, what should be an advantage against melee attackers (the fact your attacks travel a short distance), actually becomes a hindrance. Since your attacks travel so slowly that they're easily avoided and predictable.

    I don't feel that increasing the fire rate it self would be fair, as that would end up with becoming spam, rather than well placed shots. I feel the speed itself should be increased. Considering that both these heroes already suffer from low damage output to begin with, it puts melee warriors miles ahead in terms of any kind if ability to assist when chasing relic holders. That combined with their squishness and weakness at close range, means these characters are reduced to heal/utility bots. rather than feeling they're actively contributing to the main objective of the game. I feel with these thoughts in mind a projectile speed buff is warranted.

  • after our discussion about Alona self heal or not and playing a little more playing her completely agree with you about her. another idea about the Q for her is instead of smart cast is aim it then it will go off and you can continuing doing stuff like shooting the faces off of your enemies.

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