Current Build

  • Currently the game has quite a bugs, which is understandable considering its closed alpha. I did want to note some (in my opinion) game breaking bugs/issues I've noticed.
    First off, not for just myself but as well as many others there is a huge sound bug/glitch that removes the announcer and game sound/music and the only sounds that are played over and over again are the characters voices. The one voice that towers above all voices happens to be the black knight, a constant "mistress,mistress,mistress" can be heard throughout the game. If that wasn't enough to deter you from the game, I don't know what will (lol).
    Secondly, the game feels really clunky. Watching gameplay I thought that it was a really fast paced game with great game mechanics. However after playing a couple of games I noticed that, that is not the case. The game is somewhat fast paced, however all animations and interactions between other characters is really clunky and well bad.
    I really love the idea of the game but with its current gameplay I would say it has a lot of work needed before its something that would draw lots of players in. I do really want to see this game so far. Even with all of the bugs and issues I have it is still decently fun without the sound on (lol).

  • It is MUCH clunkier than any other build I've played of it so far, easily my biggest concern for this build.

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