No Download Pause/Resume Button?

  • No Idea why there isn't a pause button on the twitch launcher when installing a game, basically led me to cancelling the download. Only thing is, now I can't locate the files I've already downloaded for the game and my HDD is out a chunk of gigs. Anyone got any clue where Breakaway's downloaded to? You'd think Twitch>Games Library but nothings to be seen.

  • breakaway folder, you can even search it in the start search bar

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    This post is deleted!

  • I also canceled the download, thinking I can resume later, but everything I downloaded is gone. I can't download 9-10 gigs in one go , is there a way around this, or am I doomed?

  • i've downloaded 4gigs and had to stop, before stopping checked the downloaded folder and 4 gigs were there. Upon closing the download the folder containing the data was gone. wow. :(.
    So apparently twitch app doesnt have the capability to pause and resume the downloading.

  • I got invited for both alpha tests, and was unable to play either. I can't download the whole game in one go, and there is no way to resume the download at a later time. Will this feature be added for the next test? Can we get an official response please? BUMP!

  • so did this get solved or not yet ? i can't download 10gb in one go too, and there is no way to pause the download :/

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    @bad0dude I'm sorry the downloader doesn't let you pause right now. This hasn't been changed in the current Twitch App. I will pass on this suggestion to our developers so they can look into it!

  • @ags_aw i'll be waiting for an update!,
    i was able to download 5.30gb in one go, and i tried copying the folder Twitch, cancel the download, paste the folder again, start the download, unfortunately the download doesn't see the files i already had, and started the download from 0%

    hope it wont get long

  • I really hope a pause button comes soon or something. I also cant download the full game in a sitting. I can only do about 5gb each time

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