Tutorial Suggestions

  • For the tutorial, I would suggest the following to more smoothly ease players in to the game:

    • Before the first round, explain movement/camera bindings and basic attacking and the RMB dash.
    • When the player picks up the ball for the first time, pause and explain the ball-specific abilities and show their keybindings. Also, explain that the ball drops upon getting hit.
    • Before the second round, show character abilities (perhaps with the demo videos like in the Warrior menu)
    • Before the last round, explain the gem buffs and how to earn those (after doing just the tutorial, I had no idea they were for anything other than decoration) and pause the game when the player enters the store. This would allow the player to better familiarize themselves with the store contents. It could even come with a note that the store doesn't pause real games, but that this is all for learning purposes.
    • At the end of the tutorial, explain relic attributes with examples and that they are chosen before a match.

    Overall, the tutorial structure is good by showing all three ways to win, but feels a bit rushed as it seems the in-game clock never stops to explain things except a little between rounds. I feel with some adjustment like what I suggested that the tutorial would aptly prepare players to play casual matches proficiently.

  • I love these ideas. One thing I would add is maybe a pause during the 3rd round to introduce and explain buildables in a clear way, since by that point all the other abilities have been introduced.

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