Some interface issues

  • After playing a couple of hours, didn't had critical issues. But had some minor problems:

    1. When i was in the queue, pressed cancel button and after play button didn't appear (only yellow rectangle that wasn't clickable). Issue solved after changing in game tab.
    2. In the end of the game, didn't showed earning and so on (have seen only my character). After 2-3 games, it's began working. But after a couple of games, had issue of falling hero (have seen only legs on my screen and annoying fall sound all the time)
    3. Don't know if it's a bug, but - When i was dropped off from the map, i was able to get back with my skill (if i hit an enemy with it)
    4. Sometimes hitting an enemy didn't deal damage (animation shows hit, but didn't applied to an enemy) - it may be connection issues, but i had stable connection.
    • Not a bug, but it would be good, if in the settings you could choose a monitor for the game. ('Cause most of the people, who has more than one monitor, doesn't want to change their main display all the time :) )

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to report these bugs and pass on your feedback! I've submitted them up to our team to have them looked at.

    Have fun chasing the Relic!

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