Breakaway alpha tester rewards?

  • Just wondering if when the game is officially released if the alpha testers will be able to have some kind of title or anything that would tell others they were part of the alpha?

  • good question, so far AGS has given a lot of goodies for people who were a part of something. Wouldn't be surprised but completely happy if they supplied us with something for being in the betas.

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    We are certainly planning to reward Alpha players! As to what those rewards will be, we're still working that out. We'll make sure to message everyone once we lock down those rewards. In the meantime, tell us what you think the rewards should be.

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  • If you're going to go like other types of games, i'd suggest an exclusive alpha tester and beta tester alt skin sets and/or exclusive taunt animations.

    Adding something to the game as it exists right now , i'm not too sure as there's no a lot there. Maybe something different for their ground marker that would still look good in a blue or red color. Possibly different font for the name above the characters heads. Possibly in the lobby screen a frame or something around the toons headshot could be done.

  • How about for every character we get a skin color or weapon color type of thing

  • If only AGS happened to have extra OG BK statues lying around... ya know... wink wink.

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