Lag mitigation is not working right

  • I play from Hawaii, and I always get the "Spumoni" warning. Well, nothing is going to improve my latency.
    The previous closed test I didnt have any problem playing with lag. This time around I have been seeing extreme lag spikes. The game needs to handle this better. My character slides around and sometimes goes into a mode where it seems like there is another person controlling my character at the same time as me. I suspect this is just delayed input from several seconds before, but it feels bad and makes the game feel creepy. No other game I play has this sort of issue when lagging.

  • I seem to be having the same general issue. I'm playing from the Netherlands, and it feels a bit like the game is going off to do its own thing sometimes, almost overcompensating for laggy movement somehow?

    I would almost say that it felt better when the inputs were simply delayed. It wasn't pleasant, but I was able to get things done. Right now, in matches I really can't do anything because it's so unpredictable, as if I'm waiting longer for the controls to stabilize themselves than I was waiting for input lag before.

    I'd say the biggest problem I have is that it seemingly takes control of my mouse cursor at times. I don't think I've seen a game do that before.

    And even if it doesn't, it feels like my character often isn't shooting where I'm pointing.

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