help, no game in my library

  • Twitch ID: alecaverna
    Version of Windows: 10
    Amount of physical RAM: 8 gb
    Video Card: R9 270X 4 gb
    Running or streaming anything in the background? steam
    Wired or Wifi? Wired
    Time Zone: UTC-03:00

    Hello, I have a problem with the installation of twitch, the game does not appear in the library, I received an email saying that I was invited to play the alpha, I received a code and the link that directs to download the twitch app, I installed everything normalmene But there is no game in the library I want to know if this is due to be my connection from Brazil and do not have access to the alfo in the region, please help me, I already tried everything that explained in the forum nothing solved.

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    @alecaverna Hey thank you for letting us know, Ill have this checked to see whats going on with your library.

  • Global Moderators

    What version/build of the game are you using?
    Have you updated your video card driver?
    Updated the network driver?

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