First Impressions

    • First match... I get put up against a 4 stack who are training to be Pro(I talked with them after the game and it said so in their twitch stream titles). We get absolutely stomped and I start regretting the effort I put in installing the launcher...and installing the game...and waiting in queue....not good.

    • I play more games and getting paired with 4 stacks is on and off. Out of maybe 6 games I think I had 1 game that could be considered an evenly matched game. Either I was on the team doing the stomping or I was getting stomped. Rarely did 1 team not score 3 straight points.

    • Repetition... This game is really repetitive. There's one objective all game and that's move the ball... besides the buffs I guess? But I'm not quite sure how important the buffs are because honestly each match is such a shitshow and you need "all hands on deck" at the relic at all times it seems. So it's not really clear to me when to leave your team and do the buffs, or if that's even a good idea in the current meta, who knows. Even with taking an occasional buff, that doesn't change up the pace of the game enough to make it diverse and interesting.
      Think about it.... when you go load up the client and queue for a game of breakaway, what are you going to do? You're just going to try and move a ball down a field by spamming an auto attack(yes, that's the VAST majority of your key strokes, same thing with the pros I've watched them). So when I ask myself... do I want to play "move ball"? The answer is probably no, I don't want to play "move ball", I want to play something with strategy and intense counter play.

    • Game feels slow... When there's a ball and passing going on I expect a bit faster pace of play. The map is so small that clearly moving quicker wouldn't work but if you make the map way bigger, have things to hide behind and juke around I think you could increase the movement speed with the relic and things would flow much better. Now it's just pick up relic...get hit immediately...drop relic in exact same spot...repeat until somebody spams hard enough and gets lucky.

    • Clicking for every auto attack could be the worst part about this game, it's actually comical to think that people are going to give themselves carpal tunnel for this game. WoW maybe... but not this game lol. If this mechanic doesn't change I'll be dropping this game for sure.

    All in all... I'm not too sure how this game will pan out. Obviously if amazon throws enough money at something it will stick but if they don't want to spend a fortune on this little project of theirs I recommend a massive overhaul of the game objectives before it goes any further, and then add more on top of that. I know the whole premise is "move ball" but there just needs to be something more than that single aspect of the game.

  • about the whole pro thing im pretty sure you are talking about my stream. In no way i am pro at this game I have had almost as much time able to play as most people who played in first alpha, along with that we try our best to keep it two man groups so that we can get new players and teach them the game, however it was unlucky and we were put into a match as a team with other players that were experienced at the game.

    Sorry if it was taken the wrong way i did point out that the pro title was mainly a joke and pointed it out to you in chat. If you got any question on the game or other parts of it you want to talk about or want more info on just let me know :D

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