Multiple Breakaway applications running at one time

  • As in the title. I observed that when launching the game through Breakaway_x64.exe by holding "Enter". It launched the game several times. It is possible to reproduce when the game is on by alttabbing and running exe for example by double click.

  • @ags_jb
    Build 424408

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    @2real4game Good catch! I'll get this reported to our devs. Keep up the good work!

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    @2real4game Can you also please respond with the following information so that we can have our team look into this further?

    Twitch ID:
    Version of Windows:
    Amount of physical RAM:
    Video Card:
    Running or streaming anything in the background?
    Wired or Wifi?
    Time Zone:


  • @ags_cc
    Twitch ID: 2real4game
    Version of Windows: Win 10 Pro 64bit
    Amount of physical RAM: 16GB
    Video Card: GTX 970
    Running or streaming anything in the background? Running Fraps and Opera
    Time Zone: CEST

    And currently I've got game, game(1), game(2), ... game(11) log files created in C:\Users...\AppData\Roaming\AGS\Breakaway

    One more thing not connected to this issue:
    in awslogs folder I have 18 (I wasn't playing much) LmbrAWS log files and amongst them there are a few files from december alpha. Is it intentional?

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    @2real4game Thanks for the info! Ill let our Devs know. About having so much different (Game (1) etc) ill find that out and get back to you

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    @2real4game btw what is the build version of breakaway you are using ?

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