The game needs work

  • So I've had the chance to play the free to play characters outside the melee tank. So far I am not impressed. I love the idea of the game; a moba rocket league hybrid. Unfortunately, the combat falls flat.

    I'll start with my biggest gripe. Crowd Control. It is by far the biggest annoyance in my play tests. Being completely stun locked in the air, with no counter play is atrocious. You might be thinking, well then dodge your opponent. That sounds all good except for the fact that when you attack, you are frozen in place for what feels like an eternity. So I either run around not doing much for my team, or I try and pick my spots and hope the other team doesn't turn on me because a 1v2 is damn near impossible vs players of equal skill level. This made playing melee unbearable. It feels bad and clunky.

    Since I'm on the subject of melee I'll talk about how much I just don't like them. Maybe I haven't had enough play time but I can already see the design flaws. I'll talk about the only melee character I played, Argus. His abilities feel nice and responsive. I was able to dish out decent DPS with my abilities but when it comes to my basic attack (left click) I just almost didn't want to use it so I found myself just running around waiting for cooldowns because of how vulnerable you are while slashing away at foes and being completely frozen in place. Once somebody starts attacking you, you're immediately just stunned with no way to escape. Being CC'd like that should not be something every character can do. It needs to be reserved for certain characters and abilities. Hard CC needs to be severely toned down or I just can't see this game getting off the ground.

    Need respawn timers. Maybe it was there but I couldn't see it.

    Better clarity on abilities. Right now I can't tell what's going on it's just a big cluster of particles. Every ability just looks the same

    I may check the game out in the future to see what's been done. Best of luck!

    I had some enjoyment but mostly negative. Also, why is voice chat enabled but not text chat?

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