XYZP's Big ole thread of feedback after playing alpha.

  • Disclaimer: some of these complaints may not be correct as the alpha build was some what laggy so maybe things weren't working as close to intended as possible. If the devs can correct me on things please let me know. Also if there are repeats of feedback in this thread I am aware. I just want to have a written record of things I suggest now so they don't go away. don't take my words as an attack, they are just my honest feelings on how i feel

    Black knight

    First and foremost I would like to start this thread off with the obvious. As a black knight main, someone who has spent the entire time leveling up the character to max level on every single beta build, he is absolutely 100% broken. There is no way he should be left in the state he is in for the future of the game. What is broken on him you ask here is a list.

    • His neutral attack (or his left click) is completely unacceptable. He should not be capable of pulling in his enemies with a neutral ability. Any form of CC should have inherent trade offs. A cooldown, resources being spent...etc I should not be capable of just rolling around on a spammable button decimating people because the attack doesn't have a down time.

    • All of his abilities for some absurd reason have an asinine range. Range wise I bet all my breakaway coins that black knight can land any of his abilities starting from behind the width of his spike buildable to the opposite side of his spike buildable. Why were the range of his abilities increased to such an absurd size? Foolish REVERT these range changes if anything. this is the most important thing that needs changing for black knight.

    • This change doesn't necessarily pertain to black knight but with such a strong ultimate and the range buffs he got I believe he needs to actually take care when using his ult instead of tossing it out like a grocery company tossing out old food. His ultimate should be stopped by morgan's silence. Maybe this is more a personal thing but black knight should only be rewarded for using his ult at the right time and not whenever he feels like it.

    • We need concrete visualization of when you can jump out of black knight ult. Everyone who has been playing noticed his ultimate can be jumped out of provided you aren't being hit by something else. It would help both the black knight and his victims have knowledge of the window when they can just hop out.

    I agree with his throw being nerfed, the range on it was insane and people just camping with it to get easy kills was lame and made him unfun to play against. However I believe his Q should knock people farther away he seems really weak in this build (especially since we see how weak he is without his gimmick of just tossing people off the cliff now.)

    Kyra, Rawlins, Korryn, alona
    I don't know if this was because of the build, or i'm just crazy. But ranged abilities had horrid hit detection. Nothing seemed to be properly hitting anyone. foes and allies alike, everything was just missing or going through people it was a lottery playing ranged characters because a lot of attacks would just end up missing.

    I seem to be the only one who thinks this, but viktor is just garbage, if any character with damage just rushes him down he dies because he has no escape and his neutral attacks are slow. If they could at buff his base movement speed / neutral attack projectile speed and his jump neutral attack projectile speed i feel like that would help him.

    Now that characters are out of the way time to move forward on things i've noticed

    • Characters need more in depth ability descriptions. Characters like jarra have some crucial information missing that would help for people learning her / playing against her deal with her better. Her camouflage ability only tells you the cooldown once the ability is down. It doesn't tell you how long she is stealthed. Which leaves what i call preventable confusion. There should be no reason for the lack of information on all abilities across the board.

    • Item descriptions need updates and are just flat out confusing. For example amulet of regeneration says you will be healed when you are out of combat. That is simply not the case, if you play as a ranged character and just fire from a distance you aren't considered in combat. The item will always heal you as long as you personally don't take damage but if you are to attack / do damage to someone else the effect will not be cancelled and you will be capable of continuing to heal. The wording should be
      +10 hp when not taking damage

    • Just like the character abilities item descriptions are severely lacking information. Once again i will be using the amulet of regeneration again. It doesn't tell me how long i have to be "out of combat" to receive the healing.

    • the in game chat might as well be non existent, why? Because nobody notices it is even there, it blends in with the background really well. It is a bright blue which makes it hard showing up on bright colors and both of the only playable stages are super bright. we need a little sound queue or a darker color for the chat because that is not working.

    • buildables have an inconsistency on where they can be placed. For example i can place any buildable under the elevator on atlantis and not have it break. Meanwhile on el dorado if i try to place a ballista on the cube debris it won't even register as a valid place to put it and that is rather wack.

    • Relic attributes is a nice touch, but we need to be more careful for ones that can be busted (as seen after brandon was abusing the gold generating attribute by camping on the top of atlantis.) I don't know if they should be removed but none of the attributes seemed to be abused after the gold generation one was removed so maybe it is a step in the right direction.

    • I am not certain if this was lag, but phantom hits were showing up a lot during my gameplay. Phantom hits are when the visual, and sound queues appear for a move but the attack is treated as not existing. This was happening across all characters and im not sure what was causing it. Imagine a spartacus using his kick, you see the damage, you hear damage being done. But you don't see the person being afflicted by the knockback or any signs of lost health from your attack. (I have a theory it is caused by having your move hit at the last possible second but due to the game engine or mechanics the attack won't register on your opponent.)

    • The ability casting is busted, sometimes it allows for abilities to be duplicated or have them become unstable and fail to work. That needs immediate attention.

    • The scoreboard is inaccurate sometimes. if a team is up 2-0 and I score the game will sometimes show it as 3-0 in the enemy team's favor. it will however fix itself once the next round starts so its not that bad of a bug but still a bug nonetheless

    • visual bugs, after being green tea'd or praline'd the visuals in the lobby will bug out.

    • green tea and praline are still in effect but not to the extent it was before the patch. I've noticed now that green tea has a higher chance of going through if you are alt tabbed while waiting for a match

    • EDIT: this is a personal thing but im forever using discord over twitch app. >_> i wasn't using curse before discord and i wont start doing so now.

    Welp that is all for now if i find anything else or remember everything else that should be all. see yall in the discord.

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