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  • I got an alpha code from LadyDevann when she was streaming and giving away codes. The game looked so fun and I did indeed have a good time playing this weekend and here are my thoughts.

    1. I found it difficult to quickly identify who was on my team. Maybe if the teams had a specific color hue to them like red and blue or something. I spent most my time playing ThorGrim . If we had a 2nd ThorGrim and the other team had a ThorGrim, it wasn't obvious who was who to me.

    2. I felt like with THorGrim anyway my powers weren't really doing anything. Like i'd hit the button and nothing seemingly would really happen. The powers just seemed unreliable to me.

    3. I'd rather have all the characters unlocked to start with and make different costumes unlockable.

    4. I'd say at least half my games, the game would crash at the conclusion of the match and wouldn't make it to the team shot at the end and the game summary thing. I'd just get stuck at a black screen and have to log out of my PC and log back in the crash was that bad.

    What i did love

    1. Pace, it's fast and frantic but with passing and such good teamwork will prevail
    2. I like how it's got a counter strike vibe where you earn credits to upgrade your toon in-game.
    3. The constructs some characters have are fun and add to the challenge

    Anyhow, looking forward to seeing how the game grows in development. New maps? new characters? new game modes? yes please !

  • Amazon Game Studios

    @tank2old2play Thanks for joining the Alpha.

    1. This is something we've heard from a few other players, we're looking into solutions. It's difficult because we want to empower players to chose their own visuals, but if multiple people select the same skin it can create issues.

    2. I think this may have been due to lag or maybe your abilities were on cool down. If not, let us know and we'll take a look

    3. I understand your request, but there are some benefits to earning a character, like the reward of buying something & keeping more difficult characters locked for new players. We are experimenting with the number of characters that are locked and we will listen to you all and adjust the balance as necessary.

    4. Their were a lot of crashes in this Alpha. That was not great, but luckily we have good telemetry and got a lot of data on the crashes, so we will work the list of crashes and try to fix them asap.

    In terms of what you love the the pace and relic running are some of my favorite aspects also.

    There's more characters and maps coming later this summer. In terms of modes, we're going to stick with the main 4v4 relic mode, but will add custom mode later this summer also.

    Thanks again for playing in the Alpha!

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