Mewy's Alpha-1 Megathread (Feedback/Analysis/Questions for Devs)

  • Here is my ultimate breakdown of the first Alpha test weekend and what I think needs changing/fixing as well as some questions at the end for the dev Q&A.


    • Alona - Balance wise, she is fine individually. But in terms of the actual game she feels like a necessity to have on a team when playing high level matches.
    • Argus - Feels good. Can make significant impact on games but has counters and can be out maneuvered.
    • Black Knight - Has too much damage output for his amount of tankiness and CC. He's basically the entire package deal for a strong character.
    • Jarra - Jarra feels really good and is great at assassinating targets. She does feel a little clunky though at times and could maybe use some polish to make her gameplay more smooth like Argus.
    • Korryn - Korryn feels really strong and in a good spot. Maybe a slight buff to her slow and a small extension on her silence.
    • Kyra - Kyra feels to be in a good spot. Very strong and has peel for herself.
    • Rawlins - Feels rather weak right now. His range is way too short and you have to put yourself in deep danger to do any damage. His current strength is to destroy buildables and that's about it. I'd like to see his range increased and maybe give him a more interesting buildable.
    • Thorgrim - Feels a bit too weak at the moment. Would like to see his invulnerability last just a second longer and an increase of radius on his ultimate (not a major one).
    • Victor - Victor feels like a burst caster without any burst. His only real burst currently is his ultimate, but outside of that he feels quite weak to me. He is good at doing damage but can't actually finish a kill to save his life. I'd like to see a CD reduction to his abilities by 1-2 seconds each and a slight damage buff on his Q and E.


    • El Dorado - Always enjoyable playing on this map. Simple, yet extremely fun. All characters work well on this map and I think most players probably prefer to play here.
    • Atlantis - An okay map. I think there's a bit too much verticality (specifically in the mid area) that makes certain characters very challenging to play (looking at you Jarra players). Would be cool to see the map flattened out just a bit because of the sheer size of it currently.

    Win Conditions

    • Ball Dunk - This is a satisfying way to score and definitely needs to be in the game as it's the main sauce to the game. I think what is considered scoring needs to be cleaned up a bit because sometimes the ball does not appear to be anywhere near the goal but scores anyways (this may be a server issue). Also the replays need work on this replay because they bug out a lot.
    • Team Wipe - This is also very satisfying and I believe a good game feature. There is currently a bug where the announcer treats both teams as "they" so if your team is down 2 players it will say "they are down 2 players" so this needs to be fixed, it gets very confusing. Overall good feature!
    • Territory Win - So I think this is rather sloppy of a win condition and I'd like to see it changed completely into a sudden death sort of thing. Something that works like this: Rename to Sudden Death; All buildables disable themselves during sudden death. If a player on your team dies, then they do not respawn for the duration of the round. I think this would be a much more fun way to do a tie break type thing.

    Bug Reporting

    • Announcer treating both teams as the same team

    • Attacks displaying hit indicator but target takes no damage

    • Falling through terrain/map

    • Sometimes teams will have 5 total members on them

    • Ball traveling straight through people (server issue?)

    Questions for Devs (Update: Posted these on the dev Q&A Thread)

    • What's on the current priority list for development?

    • Is there a desired release date for closed beta?

    • How many total characters is the team shooting for prior to initial release?

    • Where will this game make its money from seeing as it will be released free to play?

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