My Feedback on this Alpha Weekend

  • I enjoyed playing Breakaway this weekend, thanks for letting me play.

    Character Stacking - I assume there is a reason for this being allowed, but it is not fun to play with or against 3/4 players with the same character.

    Taunts - I don't like that you can break the animation for the taunts by spamming them. The taunts are cool, but I can't see them if they are cut off like that.

    Victor - I enjoyed his area denial and the damage he can provide. I assume that his escape is supposed to be less helpful, but I don't feel like I miss the shield much when it's on cooldown. It rarely helped me escape in it's current form. If a melee character decided to kill me I had a much lower chance of escaping with this character.

    Alona - I enjoyed being a healer a lot. Her normal heal can be frustrating sometimes because it is easy to accidentally heal the teammate at 90% hp instead of the teammate that is currently being attacked and dies right in front of you.

    Jarra - I really enjoyed learning to play this character. Playing an assassin character is an interesting change. I have a feeling that Victor isn't a big fan of her since she can destroy him.

    Black Knight - I felt very powerful with this character. His ult is quite scary.

    Thorgrim - He feels powerful with his throw and aoe skills to interrupt/damage. I was a lot more afraid of Black Knight approaching my squishy character than Thorgrim unless I was near the edge of the map.

    Relic powers - I only used pass and the 2 speed powers. I noticed the gold for holding relic thing before you removed it, but I was solo so I wasn't going to try something like that.

    Announcer - I can't tell what team he is talking about sometimes. His phrases only remind me to check the ui at the top of the screen.

    Items - The vampirism item did not seem to be very useful.

    Territory Win - I like how everyone is forced to clash and not hold back for the last 30 seconds.

    I was unable to get the automatic voice room to work. Edit: Re-installing fixed this for me.

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