Breakaway Developer Q&A Responses 6/19/2017

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    Any plans to get 120 tick servers before CSGO gets them for match-making?

    • We're not currently focusing on that, but if it turns out it's a high priority for the community, we'll prioritize it.

    I wanted to ask if you guys had any sort of schedule to add new content in. Ex. League/Paragon/HotS has a new hero every X weeks.

    • There we are DEFINITELY planning to add new content to the game, including new warriors and maps. Looks for the start of some of this new content later this summer. Until then, please continue to play in our weekly Alpha tests and let us know what you like/don't like, so we can make Breakaway even better!
    • We are DEFINITELY planning to add in new content such as new warriors and maps on a regular basis. Looks for some of this new content to begin rolling out later this summer. In the meantime, please continue to play in our weekly Alpha tests and send us your feedback! If you have ideas for future warriors, maps, etc. feel free to share those too!

    I was curious if there was an API planned, and what kind of plans you guys have for spectator tools?

    • We've definitely given it some thought, and our philosophy is to empower community developers to create cool tools and features to enhance the around-game experience. That said, our immediate focus is getting Breakaway to a great spot, so we don't have a timeline on a public API or similar developer tools.

    How long before we see a new map introduced to Breakaway?

    • We definitely have plans to release a new map and one will be coming later this summer, so stay tuned!
    • Just wanted to add, our next map has been in development for some time and we're getting pretty excited about. We wanted a map that was more focused on combat, while still offering interesting navigation options. Get ready for a fun map, that rewards some different team comps.

    It's clear that competitive play and esports are going to pushed with this game, is there plans for a ranked mode down the line and are there any initial ideas of what that may look like? Or is it far too early to make any statements?

    • We are definitely planning on having a Ranked Mode for Breakaway. But as you may guess, this will be a large and complicated feature, so it will take some time. We are only in the design phase at the moment, so its quite a ways off. If you have any things you definitely want or don't want as a part of the ranked experience, please let us know.

    What was the original intention behind the redesign of the warriors in terms of their art direction? I personally wasn't involved in the tech alpha, but hearing some of the previous warrior names (Morgen/Korryn for example) I like the old names better. Was the resdesign due to player feedback or more so a decision on the part of the art directors?

    • Regarding the warrior redesign, the original premise of the game was "Warriors of Myth and Legend", which brought together historical and mythical characters to fight in an arena. We heard clear feedback that players found these characters uninteresting and resembled characters they'd seen in other games. We wanted to give players an experience with Breakaway that was unique and memorable, so we pivoted to our new theme, which we call "Ascend to Immortality". Look for more backstory and content along those lines in the weeks ahead

    Obviously twitch intergration and streaming Breakaway is very important are there any plans for a partner program and if so will lower level streamers have a good shot at getting in? (Working to become an affiliate myself)

    • Absolutely! We're working on a partner program, stay tuned.

    Will we be seeing more characters changed in the next patch?

    • Expect visual changes for the Black Knight, Rawlins and Victor soon, probably not patch though.

    I am not sure if it's a bug or not but when it comes to being "in combat" for the Amulet of Regeneration, you can do damage to someone and still heal. You can also be holding the relic and still heal. It seems like the game only considers you "in combat" if you are taking damage. Is this working as intended or is it a bug?

    • This is working as intended, we did recently buff the amulet to have less time before regen kicks in. This was done to make non-healer comps more viable. Overall we're liking the change. What do you think?

    What sort of systems are the team discussing to combat toxicity in the game, while rewarding team play and good will?

    • Regarding toxicity... We're looking at ways to keep matchmade players together when they enjoy each other's company. We're also building a player scoring tool that will let you rate and ignore players who are disruptive.

    Is it possible to have an ETA on custom games for the upcoming playtests?

    • Regarding custom games... We're working on them at the moment and we and expect to roll out the feature in approx 1.5 months. Custom games will support in-game spectators, so you'll be able to run your own version of Throwdown Thursdays once we drop the feature.

    What was your favorite moment from this last alpha weekend?

    • My personal favorite moment this weekend was discovering the mobility potential of Herald's Boots on Alona.

    What surprised you the most from this last alpha weekend?

    • The most surprising was when DMBrandon discovered how to break the economy with our new Relic perks.

    If you could change or add one thing to Breakaway immediately, what would it be?

    • If I could change one thing in Breakaway right now, it'd be to improve our networking. It's not where we need it to be yet.

    will there be special titles for the forums / in game titles or items for people who were in the beta tests

    • It's something we'll consider, for sure!

    will we have to wait as long as we did for the june alpha?

    • Nope! We're planning to have weekend playtests more or less every weekend until we go 24/7 (there may be exceptions, but our current plan is every weekend).
    • Nope! With the June Alpha test, we're moving into weekly tests, so make sure your clear up those summer plans and save yourself having to purchase all that sun screen!

    Are you guys still looking for community suggested characters?

    • Always! The design team is definitely interested in ideas and inspiration.
    • We're always looking for community feedback and suggestions. If you got cool ideas for warriors, send them over! i see the echofox and rogue esports logo pop up in this breakaway related video. Are these two teams going to be having an exhibition like we've seen with the two college teams?

    • Stay tuned. :) We haven't fully announced that event yet. Later this week we'll have more details!
    • This is the event that I talked about. You'll see a really fun exhibition match on Monday at 12pm on our Twitch channel.

    when will we be able to test stream plus and metastream?

    • Metastream should already be included, though we did notice some issues

    will we be seeing more breakaway at twitch con again this year?

    • We'll be there in one form or another. Details when they're finalized!
    • Of course! (as to what, I can't say just yet).

    will we continue seeing streamers come to AGS to stream breakaway?

    • For a little while, for sure! Now that the game's a bit more available to play from home, we're also hoping to sign up streamers to play and give away codes from home.
    • YES! we had a streamer, LadyDevann, here last Friday. We built a broadcast studio at the heart of our development area so that we could constantly bring people into our studio to broadcast!

    will there be another throw down Thursday involving community members only?

    • Hopefully, you guys enjoy watching Throwdown Thursday (TDT), we certainly enjoy it on our end. In terms of future plans, as you know, we just finished our Office League Season 3 and are currently in active discussions for what comes next. There is a really cool event happening on Monday at noon Pacific (tease). Following that, TDT will definitely be back! More details to come, but I can tell you that our current plans are to feature community matches once we go live with custom match and Broadcast Match Builder!

    can the community get a chance to get some breakaway apparel please :( ?

    • That would be awesome! We do bring some cool swag to events, so make sure you're at TwitchCon or Gamescom... We may also do some contests to give some shirts away (pester @heintzer :) )

    do you have any plans for the GMs in the future?

    • We're constantly working on ways to make TDT different every season. I can't speak to whether or not GMs will be back just yet, but if you liked it, let us know!

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