"Game Fluidity"

  • Something that I am calling "Game Fluidity" is of great concern to me in Breakaway. I was very excited to play this game because it combined the gamemodes of a few different genres that I play, but when I played the game for the very first time this weekend, I was slightly disappointed. The game in its current state feels very slow and sluggish, when I was expecting a fast paced game full of passing and movement. In my opinion, this problem has three sources. The movement speed of all characters across the board, the amount of stunlock currently included in ability kits, and the passing range. These three functions have contributed to making Breakaway feel slow, clunky, and not very fun to play or watch. This game which I was excited to make fast paced plays in is more of a "stand still in this area and spam abilities until something pops or moves" sort of game.

  • Were you playing solo or with a group? The game can have it's slow moments, and it can have its fast paced incredible passing plays. There's more than just one way a team can play. People haven't had enough time in the game to fully get the mechanics down and it may feel slower. As someone who loves to push and run the relic there were many times games felt slow and unbearable for me. One thing I'd recommend is to slow your own pace down, and try to play off everyone's play style. Once you find a group of 4 people to play in the game and the communication is there it'll feel like everything is happening quickly. I honestly feel like the warriors movement speed is good, especially when you add sliding into your moving, the stun locking is similar to fighting games (I'm no expert in this genre) and sometimes you have to move out of them (right click helps alot). The pass range did feel shorter but in my opinion it wasn't a bad thing. If you felt like you were playing a stand still and attack game, join us on discord and group up with some people it'll give you a better representation on the fast based playing you are looking for. Hope to see you in game this weekend.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Hi goobr. Our goal for Breakaway is to make an intense, fast-paced game where teamwork really shines. I think you're hitting on a topic that we've been talking about a lot, especially when it comes to ball movement and passing.

    I'm interested to hear thoughts from the community about how we could improve ball movement specifically. What would you add or change about the relic if you were lead designer for a day?

  • @tlee
    I was playing solo mainly but I did group up with some people from the discord for a few games last weekend. I understand passing plays and mechanics pretty well from my experience in both sports and other video games where passing an object is a fundamental game mechanic. I just felt like the pace of the game was slow and it didn't feel like I had much control over the flow of play.

    Wow, I did not expect a response from Amazon on my dinky little complaint thread haha. That said, the passing and ball movement in Breakaway mainly left me disappointed due to the lack of options while holding the ball. You can either run normally, slide, or pass, but all three of those options do not feel very powerful. Running normally will get you caught quickly, making it a poor option. Sliding is good for a quick juke, but it's on a very long cooldown, meaning that once you use it you are limited to the other two options. Passing can be good if your teammates are in a position to get around the other team, but the slow pace of the game and the ability of your opponents to restrict your movement with stunlock and other mechanics makes this a rare occurrence. All of this makes ball possession feel not as powerful as it should be. Because possession of the ball does not feel powerful, it becomes sort of a secondary objective in the game, taking a backseat to the TDM aspect of Breakaway.

    I do not know if that was the intention, but that's been my experience so far, and it's left me disappointed that Breakaway's fresh new concept is not the focus of the game. One idea that I think would fix this is adding skill based movement mechanics to allow people to creatively move around the map with and without the relic. Another idea is to make passing quicker and more fluid than it currently is by eliminating the windup animation and decreasing the travel time of the relic. Another change that could be made would be to decrease the amount of stunlock in character kits (Black Knight is the worst culprit here.) However, I think the most important change that could be made is increasing pace and movement speed across the board in order to make creative plays more viable and to allow people to catch their opponents off guard. All or even some of these changes would make Breakaway feel like the fast paced ball passing arena game that it could be. Thanks for reading. - GOOBR

  • Yes i agree with you but this kind of movement would be better if for example there is a buff that would make the ball lighter or some kind of hero can buff their teammates especially when they are holding the ball.

    • or Maybe your movement is much faster in your territory but in enemy's territory you get a decaying buff that slows you down which force you to boss or throw the ball and grab it again.
    • or Maybe the ball movement is influence by how many teammates around you.
    • Also if the timer approaching zero the less time is left the lighter the ball becomes.
    • Or Maybe you could add a state to every hero how fast they are while holding the ball for example tanks are slower than carrys thats only applies on enemy's territory.
    • or Maybe the more you pass the lighter the ball becomes but once it falls it resets.**

    I dont know i just wanted to say what is in my head
    i Just started and i will keep playing and share whatever ideas comes in my mind

  • The game is so much smoother for me this week than last week! Yay! ( I wasn't able to play with my oceanic friends though so not sure about them)

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