Very Disappointed with not receiving any feedback from support.

  • I would just like to express my disappointment in the fact I was invited and was unable to play the game due to the "Servers Are Down" message. I understand it was Alpha test and problems are to be expected but I didnt even receive a reply after they told me they were sending my issue to Support. This IMO was very unprofessional and a huge let down for me personally, I would have been ok with an automated email telling me to F#%^ Off they are too busy with ppl who can actually play. I hope the best for Breakaway in the future and am keeping my fingers crossed for the next "Test".

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    @gemhoarder Hey, I know how frustrating it was to not get access for this first weekend. We are still working through all the "servers are Down" issues that users reported.

    I've double checked your case and it's still being looked into, we're trying to make sure you have access for the next test.

    Thank you for your patience, it's still early in the Alpha phase and we're trying to get everyone with access online!

  • I appreciate the feedback and you double checking my case. This is all I was hoping for, I do hope you are able to figure things out and I hope the best for everyone at Breakaway and AmazonGames.

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