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  • I would like to see what fps and ping I have in the game.

    also currently my in game mouse movements seem lagged compared to what I'm actually doing. This wasn't the case last week when I played it almost feels like I have a delayed aim assistance that's still trying to move me x amount in this direction even if I did it myself. Upon further playing it seems to be my imputs being imputed twice. I cant tell if it's my lag because of the aforementioned inability to see my fps and ping

    also my friend is complaining about not having the ability to map actions to his mouse buttons. like mouse button 4.

  • to pull the console up press alt + `, to display fps and ping type r_displayinfo 3. This will make it visible in the top right corner.

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    You can also see your ping by going into windowed mode and look for the number inside P( x ).

    Let us know if you have the same issues this week. I'm very interested to understand why it would happen one week and not the other. It may help us find an issue that is impacting many people.

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