Feedback about Download/App

  • Hello everybody!

    I just wanted to mention some things, that I noticed during the process of installing/downloading the game, that irritated me.

    1. Why can't I choose where do install the game?
      I only had the choice if I wanted to install it in C/E/F - not which folder I wanted it to be in. What is that about? Was I just too dumb/blind to notice the option?
      If not, the lack of that option is indeed disturbing and embarrassing.

    2. No option to pause/limit the download?
      I only wanted to start the download and then had to go away for quite a bit and wanted to shut down the PC. Why is there only a button to abort the download? Why can't I just stop it and close the program? Or would it have done that anyway?
      Not only that but there is no way to limit the download, right? Why not?

    I would love to see changes to those 2 points or somebody that explains to me where the options are :)


  • I got invited for both alpha tests, and was unable to play either. I can't download the whole game in one go, and there is no way to resume the download at a later time. Will this feature be added for the next test?

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