• Hi! I just wanted to drop in to mention how bad the netcode is when playing from overseas. Typically when playing a game like this (I'll use Gigantic as an example) from Melbourne, Australia the game functions reasonably well and is playable in a way that there is only small amounts of delay and a little bit of tracking required to pull off shots from a distance.

    In Breakaway however there is extreme jittering and rubberbanding. The slide works but on my end it feels like I am sliding during an earthquake. The abilities fire but there's a large delay and there's constant rubber banding with the character flinging around the screen.

    This is completely unplayable (if required I'll upload a video to show you exactly what I mean).

    I know that the game is currently for testing to an NA server but this is not typical of a 200-300 ms ping to a NA server in many online games at all so I thought it was worth mentioning just how bad and unplayable the game is in these conditions.

    The matchmaking also doesn't seem to work with a high ping, although an error message is given describing ping to be the issue so I imagine that's well known internally.

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