Hi Breakaway team, I think the sound effects need to be improved

  • This is my experience in the game, I believe this is a very good game, Well, actually there is still much to be desired.

    1.When I kill the enemy and get gold coins, the sound effect is not clear
    2.The footsteps sound of characters are not clear, and if you want to keep it, hope that the sound effects can be clearly
    3.Weapons of the attack sound and melee combat sound is very weak lack of weight


  • Hi JP,

    Thank you for your feedback regarding Breakaway Sound. We’ll work on improving game audio throughout alpha and beyond!

    Wanted to get some more specific feedback from you so we can better address your concerns:

    1. Is this a lack of feedback related to the actual coin pickup sfx, or rather the coin spawning moment when they appear? Or both? I ask because you had a comment in the past about the coin pick up sound which we did update based upon. However, this seems slightly different.
    2. We are working to address the footstep feedback for the local player and will begin to roll these out in the next few weeks to help sell the character traversal sounds.
    3. Attack Sounds and melee combat sound. These comprise of the ability sfx, and the impact onto another remote player. You had a previous comment regarding impacts not being heard and cited a few various games. This is likely a mix issue using HDR for local player sounds, where as we'd probably have better results constricting remote players for HDR windows and side chaining local actions. This would make Local actions predominant in the mix. We'll experiment with this set up and roll out changes in the next few weeks.


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