Feedback + A suggestion about ball holders

  • i played the game and its really fun honestly am excited for the full release.

    And i have a suggestion about holding the ball i think would be better if you decrease jumping height if u are holding the ball which make sense it would be impossible for you to jump above walls also dodging with jumps will be more difficult.

    Throwing the ball in air helps in throwing the ball further than throwing it on ground however ball holders shouldn't jump as high as who is empty handed

    I hope you could understand me because my English is still under development xD

  • If they made it to where you can't jump over walls with the relic it would change the way each game plays out, they'd all be territory or team wipe wins with a small portion getting the relic in the relay.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Glad you enjoyed the alpha.

    I'm very interested in feedback about Relic running, passing, and throwing. We are doing some experiments internally to try out some new mechanics, and would love to hear what you all think.

    I'll start a separate thread on it, maybe with a poll.

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